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Patching Together a Movement!

This year I have the honor of being part of Pangea World Theater’s Art Organizing Institute (AOI). As a member of AOI, our cohort of 15 arts organizers have been meeting since July 2017. We have had several trainings, peer led workshops and spent time interacting along Lake Street’s art and culture corridor. We also get to organize and facilitate a project on Lake Street. On Sunday, October 22nd the magic of Sewing and Sambusas happened. In partnership with the Million Artist Movement and the Yarn Mission, community members gathered and had the opportunity to learn both hand sewing and how to use a sewing machine from some of our local fiber artists, Annie Chen and Stacey Schwebach. Commun

Trying to Holler at Me: a conversation between brown fed ups

I’m bumping TLC and there are four people in the room, one cat. Within the confines of our bodies and lived experiences, there are thousands of street harassment stories between us. Being followed, being threatened, these are all experiences we carry with us. As a way to cope, I’ve been engaging in soft conversation with my dear friend and collaborator Khadija Siddiqui. A force of discovery, more spirit than skin, Khadija was one of the only people I was able to process the #MeToo movement with. It made sense then, that I could also process these harsh stories with them. We were discussing the pattern of white people stepping into our harassment situation, but only when the other people invo

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