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Maya Mandal



Maya Mandal is in her last semester of undergrad at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, as a student of Ethics. She is very passionate about both social justice and the arts. She and her family have been long time friends of Pangea and have even participated in some productions, and are very active in the Indian Music Society of Minnesota community. Entering the world of arts at the age of five, Maya is familiar with all sorts of mediums. Her art hobbies include music (both vocal and instrumental), dance, photography, painting, mehendi (henna), tattooing and other hobbies include reading, video games, and baking. Born here in Minnesota to two Indian immigrants and being a third-culture kid, Maya is focused on the preservation of culture and traditions. She has spent the last ten years connecting with her heritage, learning to read and write in the languages she grew up with, skills like Hindustani Classical singing and cooking.

Maya Mandal
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