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"The first time I walked into Pangea’s space, I felt something very special. The heart of the place is evident and it is so much a home and a place for people. Thank you for what you do and mean."

Pangea community member

These are the words one of our community members shared with us this past year. It's testimonials like this that energize us to continue cultivating a space where all people, whoever they are, with their religion, skin color, gender expression, and ability, feel valued and respected when they walk through our doors.

It's the people, their stories and ancestors that transform our space. But it's sustaining donors that ensure the doors to our home remain open to you and our surrounding community.

Make a Gift Today

Thank you for supporting Pangea World Theater! Your gift helps us sustain and expand this crucial work bringing communities together and building an inclusive, equitable future through the arts. You make this work possible. 

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