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Pangea World Theater’s workshops are rooted in our practices of holding space for personal growth and multiple truths. Our workshops encourage critical thought and reflection through play, relationship building, and inquiry; easily customizable for participants of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. We will work with you to make sure you get the best result possible based on your goals. 
Participants in a Pangea workshop can learn one or more of following skills:
  • Communication Skills (Public Speaking, Active Listening, Responding to Questions)
  • Critical Thinking and Reflection
  • Team and Ensemble Building
  • Group Facilitation
  • An Understanding of Physical Presence in a Room
  • Building a Dynamic and Multicultural Space, and more!

Please complete the contact form to book a workshop and discuss pricing, content, and duration of a session. 

Fees are determined by organization type and budget. 

Not sure which workshop might fit your needs? Feel free to email Sarah Tan ( Education Lead to help you out. 
Workshop & Training Offerings
Artistic Techniques

Pangea’s circle consists of actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists, and production designers. In this series, participants will get the opportunity to learn a specific skill (acting, movement, lighting design, etc.) from a practicing artist in the field. Workshops are tailored to the experience level and goals of the students.  Examples of workshops in this category: • Acting 101 • Movement for the Actor • Introduction to Stage Management • Introduction to Light Design

Production-Related Workshops

Pangea World Theater produces performances throughout the year telling the stories of communities from all over the world. In addition to viewing the production, you may book a workshop that engages participants in the themes of the play. This can range from Q&As with the creative team, experiencing a part of the rehearsal/creation process, or exploring how messages in the play are relevant to today.

Ensemble/Team Building

Theater is all about working in an ensemble – coming together with all our various strengths to work on a singular project. However, building trust, relationality, and a sense of community takes time and effort. In this series, participants will build an ensemble through play, team games, and active listening. This workshop is ideal for student orientations, building community among staff, or theater groups seeking to strengthen their own ensemble practices.

​Activating Social Justice Through the Arts

Pangea World Theater is committed to working toward the world we want, need, and deserve. This workshop will interrogate the question: How do we affect the status quo and impact the world we live in in the here and now? Participants will be taken on a journey that will explore personal and collective experiences and translate this into action in the national and public sphere. Exercises in this workshop may include: movement, ensemble building, dialogue, story circles, and/or creative writing.

​The Pangea Method:
Decolonizing Our Minds and Spaces

Pangea World Theater is committed to decolonizing our practices both in our own lives and in the workplace. This critical skill is crucial to ensuring that we are creative spaces of radical welcome, equity, and sustainability for all. In this series, participants will be introduced to what it means to decolonize a space, how to put it into practice, and reflect on where decolonized practices can live in their personal and/or professional lives.

Contact us about workshops & trainings

Or reach out to Sarah Tan to book a workshop and discuss pricing, content, and duration of a session. 


Fees are determined by organization type and budget. 

Thanks for your interest!

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