Give your students the gift of theater!


Bring your class or group to a day-time matinee show. Meet the actors, director and the crew, and participate in post-play discussions and activities. 

Emily Anne Tuttle Matinee Series

Our student matinees unfold the processes behind key productions and offer content and teacher support by providing material for debate, analysis and discussion.

Educators will be provided with a comprehensive study guide so that the discussion begins in the classroom well before the performance and can continue once you and the students have left the theater. We are also available to conduct in-classroom workshops around the themes of productions.

Tickets for students, teachers, and chaperones are $10 per person and can be reserved by emailing Please provide your contact information, the total number of seats you would like to reserve, and date you would like to attend. 

Click here to view our 2019-2020 matinee offerings.

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