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Whether you're an emerging artist or a longtime creative collaborator, know that we value the work you do. Check out these opportunities to get involved.

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Artist Opportunities with Pangea!



Translated and adapted by José Rivera.

From the play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca.

Directed By: Leslie Ishii 

About the Play:

Even in dreams, there is right and wrong. A witty and enchanting contemporary adaptation of Calderón de la Barca’s classic Life Is a Dream by one of the finest playwrights of our time, Jose Rivera. Sueño follows the life of young Prince Segismundo, heir to the Spanish throne who is imprisoned at birth. What will Segismundo do when he is released- if all he’s ever known are his prison walls? 

  • Pangea will be casting SUEÑO as an Intercultural and Intergenerational ensemble of actors. 

  • The play is in English; Spanish speakers encouraged to audition.

Please stay tuned for upcoming auditions and artist opportunities!

Reach out to pangea@pangeaworldtheater.org with any questions.

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