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Pangea World Theater works together with schools, artists and community partners to enrich student lives by reimagining our world through arts & social justice.

Featured Series

Addressing the impacts of the pandemic & social uprisings, Pangea World Theater hosts a series of conversations with educators, students and families who are actively reimagining education through arts and social justice--as a community and a society.

Another World Is Possible...

In 2021, we celebrated our 25th year. In that time, Pangea World Theater has committed our work to enriching students’ lives through educational opportunities, from decolonization workshops to story circles, in-school residencies to student matinees. We have always prioritized expanding students’ minds, transporting them to new worlds by exposing them to new forms of theater, stories from different cultures, a plethora of voices and a multitude of languages. Our work embodies the demographic shift that is happening in the U.S., embraces the plurality of realities we all occupy, and stands as an example that, indeed, Another World is Possible.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has required us to reimagine the future of theater work at large. This time has become an invocation to reflect on ourselves and our communities, and examine how we express the value of each individual in our society.


When truth and health are politicized, and economics are valued over human life, we must realize that Business As Usual is how we got here. And we push back. 

We root out the toxicity and we find a better way. We ask questions of ourselves and our community, understanding that there are many ways of seeing, knowing, being, and doing. Through conversations with stakeholders in the education realm at large, we are in deep relationship with educators, students and community leaders about new ways to think about what is possible beyond what we have known. We broaden our definition of educators to extend outside traditional educational structures to include mentors, artists, families and friends. Though the theater space may be closed, and gatherings limited, the need for authentic connection is paramount and we aim to center equity and justice above all else.

This is what we know to be true: we need to acknowledge that land belonged to the First Peoples. Black Lives Matter. Representation Matters. Colonization pulls us apart from each other and ourselves. And racism and white supremacy are the greatest threat to our shared humanity. We carry these values with us as we explore a new future, centering love, empathy, and relationality. Join us as we build a new reality together.

In Solidarity,

Katia Cardenas

Education Coordinator

Pangea World Theater

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