Diverse Stages can be summed up in three words: Change, Challenge, and Action.


That is because Diverse Stages is not only about changing the way we view and use theater; it is about challenging our own attitudes towards the ‘other’ by becoming the ‘other’; and it is about challenging our minds and bodies to rise above conformity and routine in order to take action in our communities as well-informed protagonists.

Emily Anne Tuttle Matinee Series


Bring your class to a day-time matinee show! Meet the actors, director and the crew, and then participate in post-play discussions and activities. Diverse Stages matinees unfold the processes behind key productions and offer content and teacher support by providing material for debate, analysis and discussion.


Ask about our study guides and play scripts so that the discussion begins in the classroom well before the performance and can continue once you and the students have left the theater. We are also available to conduct in-classroom workshops around the themes of productions.

Exclusive Student Program


Affordable class and school-group rates are always available! Call 612-822-0015 for reservations (required) and inquiries.

More about Diverse Stages: Theater Education


The Diverse Stages education initiative goes beyond limiting definitions of theater and theater education in order to provide members of our communities with boundary-breaking artistic experiences that draw upon international, local, and marginalized perspectives on human rights, diversity, and other pressing social issues of the day.


Above all, Diverse Stages is about dialogue and understanding, because at Pangea World Theater we believe that learning, like theater, is an exciting, sacred and lifelong journey that is not only undertaken by the students, but by teachers, and the community as a whole. Everyone is involved and nobody is ever just a spectator. Diverse Stages is therefore built upon the belief that at every stage of our collective and personal journeys, there exists an urgent need to think and act outside the box and to cherish the differences that make us the characters we are


Combining our firm commitment to human rights and diversity, Pangea’s vision of education challenges students, teachers, and community members to embark on a fresh journey towards positive change, a journey where new ideas and new ways of thinking are encouraged. At Pangea we see diversity not just as a local issue to be discussed, but a truly global reality and a gift to all off us. Teachers and students have expressed to us that Pangea’s embodiment (as opposed to mere representation) of diversity, as well as our international and relevant content makes our educational programming – whether workshops, matinees, or summertime offerings – an exciting way to expand the classroom into the world of theater and the world outside of Minnesota.

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