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It's been such an honor and a vital part of my growth, this past year and a half as an intern! I couldn't have asked to be around better people. I love my team so much and they treat me so well! Each person is genuine and incredibly talented beyond words. Pangea is my creative home and this definitely isn't the end of my relationship with the theater.

Elizabeth Santana

Past Pangea Intern, 2015-2017

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Intern With Us

Pangea World Theater offers interns valuable practical experience with one of the nations pioneering theaters working with artists from around the world. Students work under the guidance of Pangea World Theater’s professional staff in one of the following areas:

• Theater Management & Administration
• Publicity
• Production
• Arts Organizing and Community Engagement


Application Process

Read through the Internship Descriptions (PDF) and select the two which interest you and list in order of preference.

Fill out the application form (PDF).


Mail or email your application and a copy of your resume to:

Adlyn Carreras
Pangea World Theater
711 W Lake Street, Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN 55408


As an intern at Pangea World Theater, I learned about identities, cultures, and beliefs that I was never exposed to my whole life. My lessons I've learned from experiences throughout my life are nothing compared to amount of knowledge and discovery that I gained this past summer. I felt honored to share a space with all the kind staff and the diverse artists who I met and learned from. I learned the importance of acknowledging my surroundings, healing from within, the power of art in our societies, among so much more. If I could describe my experience at Pangea in one word it would be: unforgettable.

Amran Abdulkadir

Past Pangea Intern, Summer 2017

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