Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories

Pangea World Theater is proud to partner with and present Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories through our program Lake Street Arts!. They are our friends and colleagues in this work of building a better world through art. 

Mother Goose’s Bedtime Stories is a celebration of black, brown, and indigenous people. A celebration of queer, gay, lesbian, intersex, transgender, non-binary, pansexual and bisexual. Celebration of womxn. A celebration and intersection of the artistry these powerful people create. Mother Goose’s Bedtime Stories works to create a space of artistic abundance and meaningful connection and collaboration.

Our mission is to push the arts in new directions, while giving underrepresented and new artists a platform to be seen and heard in a fantastical environment.

This fantastical cabaret is part showcase, variety show and part theatrical production. We love the synergy of established acts with brand new, and newer acts. All acts are carefully considered to determine an atmosphere, narrative, and vibe to the night. A fantastical atmosphere to help audience and performer share vulnerability and immersion.

One of the primary intentions of Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories is to provide a safer creative space for those who face oppression. Our intention is NOT to create a space where nobody will be offended or uncomfortable, rather we hope that any discomfort that arises comes from challenging power and privilege, rather than the repetition of the same oppressive narratives and behaviors that pervade most spaces.

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