Poetry in the Windows

Poetry in the Windows is a Placekeeping project that is part of Pangea World Theater's Lake Street Arts!- Circling program. Pangea's Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe along with three guest curators brought together over twenty poets to take part. The poems will be installed by Pangea in the windows of businesses along Lake Street from Bde Maka Ska to the Mississippi using large printed clings. This project will connect poets, independent businesses, and the public together in mutual support.  The Poems will go up by July 30, 2021 and will stay up through the December 31, 2021.

There will be a free public reading with most of the poets on Sunday- July 25, 2021, 4-6pm

at the outside space next to Moon Palace Books 3032 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406. 

Food, Poetry and Being together at the height of Summer- We hope to see you there!

Poetry is vital for sustaining us through such tender and dangerous times and is also a way to push conversations and ideas forward and back to ancient knowing.  Poetry invites us to reconnect with our humanity and the humanity of others. There is intimacy and breath in the moment of stopping on the sidewalk and reading a poem. It also invites the public to reconnect with many local businesses and organizations on Lake Street that have survived such a hard year. This project acknowledges the way poetry/art can make space/hold space for what is missing, stolen, not yet imagined and must be present as we rebuild both the physical infrastructure of Lake Street and the cultural, spiritual and societal infrastructure of our streets, our blocks, our cities, our country, our home.

                                  - Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe , Program Director for Lake Street Arts!- Circling and poet

Meet our amazing Guest Curators and POETS!  Click on pictures for bios and location of each poem. 

“When I began to listen to poetry, it’s when I began to listen to the stones, and I began to listen to what the clouds had to say, and I began to listen to other. And I think, most importantly for all of us, then you begin to learn to listen to the soul, the soul of yourself in here, which is also the soul of everyone else.”


—Joy Harjo