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LSA! Colors of Lake Street

This piece is about the skin, the frontier between the outer and inner world, as well as the landing space of all oppression. It enhances humanitarian values and the importance of the individual as well as the exquisite value of the arts and the crafts in the generation of a better tomorrow.” 
Hana Bibliowicz
In the summer of 2016, artist Hana Bibliowicz worked with apprentices Scarlett Lopez and Elizabeth Santana to create the pillar. Netsanet Negussie, Lula Saleh, and many others came together to create the interactive ceramic sculpture that combines visual arts, ethnography, performance, and social justice. Visit Colors of Lake Street at its permanent home in Midtown Global Market.

Listen to interviews between Hana and the interns with community creators as they mixed clay to match their skin color.



Hana Bibliowicz was born in Colombia, from Polish and Mexican Jewish parents. She grew up in a multicultural environment and at a convoluted time and place in Latin America. 

As an artist, she has participated in many group and individual shows, both in Colombia and in various locations of the United States. 

Modeling clay to make cultural portrayals of society, Hana has made her work about social consciousness, and the fundamental understanding of sculpture as a portrait of culture.

Over the years, her work has transformed the artist’s role to that of a midwife, designing projects that allow people and their culture to participate not as subjects or volunteers but as the co-creators.

This concept was used to create Colors of Lake Street, which is the culmination of more than a year of community engagement through Pangea’s Lake Street Arts! Program. 

Collaboration is a sacred seed that aids the creation  of a world of compassion. Midtown Global Market and Pangea World Theater envisioned this relational world through artistic collaboration over the past decade. We value this collaboration and are grateful for this opportunity.

We are honored to center Hana Bibliowicz and her vision in Pillar of Lake Street. A vital art piece addressing the complexity of race in the most generative and respectful process.”
Dipankar Mukherjee
Over the last 10 days, I've had the honor of working with ceramic artist and cultural worker Hana Bibliowicz, as well as fellow artists/culture workers Alejandra Cecilia Tobar-Alatriz and Netsanet Negussie, on an incredible art project about race and skin color, using the mediums of clay and story gathering/storytelling to piece together the stories and clay creations of Minneapolitans of various colors and races. It's been an incredible project, an incredible week of self-discovery and interrogation, and a week of meeting amazing people and learning some new things about myself along the way. So grateful to Pangea World Theater for this opportunity to explore old and new creative paths  and get messy along the way.”
Lula Saleh
LSA! Colors of Lake Street Apprentice

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