Difficult Conversations for a Beautiful World

is a curated series of conversations and readings that will happen through 2021-2024. Each conversation will have invited guests from partnering organizations, artists and activists on Lake Street and will be facilitated by Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe and Meena Natarajan.  Difficult Conversations for a Beautiful Worldis part of Pangea's Lake Street Arts! program. 


Our first Difficult Conversation features Michael Kleber-Diggs, Ananya Chatterjea and Angela Two Stars and explores  Art, Trauma and Healing  


Watch Party June 17, 2021 6pm 

Art, Trauma and Healing  As writers and artists what does it mean to deal with the ongoing horrors of settler colonialism, white supremacy and misogyny in a way that does not merely reenact or re-traumatize?  How do we hold the countless beloveds that have been stolen from this world by state sanctioned violence in ways that do not make them into flattened symbols but actually center their humanity? What roles can art and writing play in the struggle for social transformation and generational healing? What is the artist's or  writer’s responsibility to themselves, to history, to the ancestors, to the future and to the audience here and now?