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Immigration Roundtables

The Immigration Roundtables series brings focus to topics of immigration from a diversity of perspectives. Each gathering highlights voices from unique immigrant communities, followed by intentional reflection and guided dialogue on the stories and knowledge shared by our guest speakers and the circle members at our Roundtable.


Past Roundtables have highlighted perspectives of Indigenous people, women, refugees, and members of the LGBTQ immigrant communities.

Past Immigration Roundtables:

Centering LGBTQ Perspectives

July 30, 2016 

A roundtable conversation exploring topics of immigration from the perspectives of the LGBTQ community. All are invited to participate in this dialogue that will honor the intersections of identity, particularly in light of the tragedy in Orlando that took the lives of too many from the LGBTQ immigrant community.

Facilitator: Saby Labor

Invited guests: Nasreen Mohamed, Teodoro Crespo-Carrion, Dua Saleh, and Rabi'h Nahas!

Centering Perspectives of Refugees

June 11, 2016 


For our third Immigration Roundtable we welcomed our invited guests to share their personal connections to the topic of immigration and refugees.

Invited guests: Robin Philips, executive director of Advocates of Human Rights; Belainesh Tekle, Elsa’s House of Sleep; Anh-Thu Pham, Activist, Organizer, University of MN; Amjed Yusuf, Spoken word artist.

Centering Voices of Women

April 30, 2016 


This gathering explored immigration from the point of view of women. These conversations encourage a multifaceted understanding of immigration. Pangea centers diverse lived experiences and realities. 

Invited guests: Julia Nekessa Opoti; Emilia Gonzalez Avalos; Liliana Espondaburu; Nasreen Shaikh; Gülgün Kayim; and Marlina Gonzalez. 

Centering Indigenous Voices

September 24, 2015 


For our first Immigration Roundtable gathering we centered the voices of Indigenous People to explore a pan-immigrant perspective on the current and critical state of our immigration crises and anti-immigrant hysteria. 

Invited guests: Tom LaBlanc, Sharron Day, Jose Torres-Tama and Raquel Almazán 

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