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Improvising Ourselves

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 12:00-2:00pm

5th Ave S between the Greenway (29th) and Lake Street in Minneapolis

Meet on 5th ave s between the greenway (29th) and Lake street at the patch of green by an old white church. You will find us! 

Witness the whole creative process, eat food, paint on rocks! 

Come witness people trying out improvisational skills. Join us for a larger discussion on how improvisation can help us undo oppressive condition by recognizing that we can improvise any moment of our lives and not follow/be locked into habits. 

12 (noon)- 1pm:: rock painting and conversations about city planning
1-2pm: Improvised performance and discussion at the corner of Clinton Ave & Lake Street!

This event is organized by Caspian Wirth, a Fellow with Pangea World Theater's Arts Organizing Institute (AOI). The AOI is the current manifestation of Pangea's Lake Street Arts! community development vehicle.

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