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Indigenous Voices at The Buffalo Show
Presented by Oyate Hotanin and Pangea World Theater
Tuesday, November 28 from 7 PM - 9 PM


Oyate Hotanin and Pangea World Theater present Indigenous Voices at the Buffalo Show on November 28, with Special Guest John Halverson. The Buffalo Show series showcases important work by native artists seeking to restore balance to our world. Plus live poetry by Strong Buffalo, music by "Dakota Blue" Peters, an appearance by Mitch Walking Elk, 10 minute play by Ikidowin, and a Tribute to Jesse Ed Davis. Al Gross, Host. 

"This Special Edition of THE BUFFALO SHOW is presented by Oyate Hotanin ("Voice of the people") and co-hosted by Pangea World Theater 2017 Indigenous Voice Series"

Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
810 W Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408


Tickets $10 / $8 advance.

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