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Lake Street Arts! Solidarity and Spring Celebrations

Saturday, May 26th from 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Plaza Centenario, 1200 E Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This past year, Pangea's Arts Organizing Fellows and GoodSpace Murals collaborated on creating a community mural that will live at the Plaza Centenario. Join Pangea World Theater, as we unveil the finished product, followed by a short ceremony in recognition of our 2017-18 Arts Organizing Fellows. In the tradition of Café con Pan, we invite you to enjoy free coffee, bread and live performance! Spring is here and the art is thriving!


3:30 pm  Café con Pan Kick-Off hosted by LUCA
4:00 pm  Community Mural “unveiling” with GoodSpace Murals
4:30 pm  Artist Organizing Institute Community Recognition
5:00 pm  Eating, dancing, dreaming and scheming


This event is brought to you by Pangea World Theater and GoodSpace Murals in collaboration with Latinas y Latinos Unidos por la Cultura y el Arte, Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center and Club Cuernavaca-Axochiapan-Morelos.

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