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Our past programs!

Hyphe-NATIONS: Immigrant Matters—América Latina

Hyphe-NATIONS is a community-based theater program designed to address issues facing the Latina/o immigrant community of the Twin Cities. The mission of Hyphe-NATIONS is to to create spaces in which the experiences of immigrants can be perceived in a humanizing way, thus facilitating dialogues of mutual understanding about immigration issues. We do this by deepening and expanding the knowledge of Latina/o immigrants and their allies through the Global Somatics™ Process, popular education, community organizing, and the theatrical arts.

The program is comprised of four smaller projects which work together to accomplish this mission: PASO DOBLE: A language and culture exchange program between Latina/o immigrants and allies, grounded in a broader conversation of social justice, THEATRE AND IMMIGRATION INSTITUTE: A series of acting and community based arts workshops focused in immigration themes, designed to prepare Latina/o community members as performers and facilitators, YOUTH THEATRE INSTITUTE: Acting and community-based arts workshops, specifically focused in exploring issues that Latina/o youth face as immigrants or children of immigrants, and TRAVELING ACTING GROUP: Building on the work of these three projects, the program culminates in the formation of a traveling acting company which will perform scenes and facilitate conversations about immigration issues in various community settings.


Bridges is a new series of multidisciplinary performance events, panels, and workshops designed to create passageways across art forms, cultures, aesthetics, borders, and traditions. It's goals are to inspire new forms of artistic expression through a commingling of art forms and culture, foster new collaborations among diverse artists, spark the creation of new works that address issues of race, class, culture, aesthetics; and create bridges of understanding among audiences. Pangea covenes gatherings of diverse artists over a sustained period of time to explore collaborative processes. Curated by Dipankar Mukherjee, Meena Natarajan, and J. Otis Powell!, previous artists have included Cochise Anderson, e.g. bailey, Laurie Carlos, Ananya Chatterjea, Sha Cage, Beverly Cottman, Bill Cottman, Armando Gutierrez G., Steve Hirsh, Rene Ford, Tom Kanthak, Robert Karimi, Mankwe Ndosi, Michael O’Brien, Juliana Pegues, J. Otis Powell!, Kenna Sarge, Chris Spotted Eagle, Kim Thompson, Hlee Vang, Roxane Wallace, and Anida Yoeu Esguerra. 

The Voices of Exile

The Voices of Exile series gives writers from immigrant and refugee communities a chance to develop works in their own language and English for their own communities and the broader public. Voices of Exile is an evening collage of poetry, movement, rhythm, and visual art from the refugee and immigrant communities currently living in Minnesota. It was created to serve as a record of the struggles of exile, adjustment and self-determination and the richness of artistic expression of exile communities. Voices of Exile has featured the South Asian, Hmong, and Arab-American communities.  

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