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Sobre Los Muertos Las Coronas

In November of 2020, artists gathered to celebrate Día de los Muertos. There was an art gallery altar inside a local art van (@acab.mpls).

"Sobre Los Muertos Las Coronas means 'over the dead hang crowns'. This year for Día de Muerto, I wanted to express deep love and respect to those who we have lost senselessly. We have lost over 200,000 lives due to the mishandling of COVID-19. We continue to lose Black people due to police brutality, including Miss Breonna Taylor and Mr. George Floyd. I wanted to offer an altar to honor our collective grief in this time of uprising, pandemic, and revolution." -Keila Anali Saucedo, Creator and Curator of this event.

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Keila Anali Saucedo

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