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Shaah iyo Sheeko

Shaah Iyo Sheeko is a Somali tradition of coming together over tea and community strength. In this LSA! series organized and curated by Ifrah Mansour, East Africans will talk about what it means to share culture with others and how that contributes to Lake Street’s vibrancy.


Our first gathering was held in March 2016 at Safari Restaurant, a longtime supporter and friend of Pangea featuring stories told by Safari Restaurant owner, Sade Hashi, and longtime Lake Street resident, Nasra Jama, and poetry by Ifrah Mansour.

Ifrah Mansour is multi-disciplinary artist who blends improvisational storytelling, poetry, photography, movement, and installations made from recyclable materials.  She has performed on stage at Bedlam, Intermedia Arts, The MN State Fair and recently performed as part of the ensemble for HOME at Pangea World Theater.  Off-stage, she enjoys teaching elderly East African students, leads craft-circle program and Healspace gatherings, tends to community gardens and is in training to be a bike mechanic.

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