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5 Weeks

Week 1: Remembering Our Past(s)

5 Weeks was Pangea World Theater’s Spring production in 2017. Inspired by personal narratives and short stories about partition, 5 Weeks brought to stage the stories of Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Anglo-Indians, and the fate of women and children abducted during the partition of India and Pakistan. It was set in a pivotal moment in South Asian history, and journeyed through a complex web of narratives, bringing to life those forced to flee what they once called home, the pressures to choose allegiance, and the desperate search for compassion in a time when humanity hung in the balance.

“When the British decided to leave India, it took only 5 weeks for Sir Cyril Radcliffe to draw borders on either side of the subcontinent. These hurriedly drawn borders divided people by religion and caused havoc in the lives of people who were on the wrong side of the border. Everyone affected by the partition suffered, especially those who had to flee their homes without any warning. Seventy years later, the lessons from this partition are as relevant as we see millions of refugees who have been uprooted and displaced. I hope this silent history and the lessons from it heal people today”

-Meena Natarajan

Just like in Conference of the Birds that we talked about on Tuesday, the original music in 5 Weeks was a vital part of making the show what it was. Renowned musicians Pooja Goswami Pavan and A. Pavan created the soundtrack– click here to give it a listen!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our first week of #25DaysFor25Years- we can't wait to continue sharing with you throughout the month... stay tuned for more content and our silent auction!


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