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#25DaysFor25Years Begins Today!

Week 1: Remembering Our Past(s)

Welcome to Pangea World Theater's 25 Year Celebration and Fundraiser!

"So many artists with so much rigor and so much trust have brought us to this point- we are so grateful. The community on stage and the community off stage make the sacred circle." Dipankar Mukherjee, Co-Artistic Director

For the next 25 days, we are celebrating Pangea’s 25th Season coming to a close by looking back through our history with interviews with artists, insight from friends in our community, a silent auction, and more!

Silent Auction, 2018 Gala

For 25 years, our community has been standing together in mutual support and passion for the arts and social justice. In this year’s completely online silent auction, we have so many amazing items for you to bid on from our neighbors around the Twin Cities.

Stay tuned for the Silent Auction opening soon!

Pangea World Theater's Staff and Board, 2019

We will also be sharing some of our favorite content like past show posters, behind-the-scenes videos, and new insights both here and on our Facebook page.

Come back every day until June 30th to see what we have to highlight from Pangea World Theater’s 25 years of theater that stands for intersectionality and justice.

Thank you for being a part of our circle.


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