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Another World Is On Its Way... From the Uprising to Longfellow Rising

Week 3: Re-Imagining Our Future(s)

The brutal murder of Mr. George Floyd on May 25th by the Minneapolis police had a profound effect on our community. The wounds in our cities have created broad recognition that racism is a public health epidemic impacting everyone.

In the burning of the former third police precinct, many businesses of the surrounding area such as Gandhi Mahal, Minnehaha Lake Wine and Spirits, MIGIZI and El Nuevo Rodeo were also destroyed in the fire. Pangea had long relationships with many of these venues, as spaces we used, collaborators and friends.

In the wake of the destruction, Meena Natarajan and Dipankar Mukherjee, the artistic leaders of Pangea World Theater, joined business leaders, church leaders, community builders, and activists in the area of 27th, Lake and Minnehaha, also known as Downtown Longfellow. This group began meeting every week beginning in July 2020 with the intention of rebuilding in an equitable and just way,

This group — this vision — became Longfellow Rising (LR).

Ingrid Rasmussen, Meena Natarajan, and Ruhel Islam, three of the many vital members of Longfellow Rising.

Our Artistic Directors Meena Natarajan and Dipankar Mukherjee have lived in the Longfellow Neighborhood, just off Lake Street, for decades. We are deeply committed to this area, and we believe it is our sacred duty as artists to serve the healing and rebuilding of this neighborhood.

This summer, we are holding regular events in this area, to keep this space activated while businesses prepare to rebuild. We will ensure Downtown Longfellow remains a space for diverse communities to gather, meet one another, and build relationships.

Pangea has partnered with fellow Longfellow Rising member, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, to commission Angela Two Stars to create the interactive art installation Transformations, where community members will add their laments and hopes for transformation. This piece will be installed at the site of Minnehaha Lake Wine and Spirits until they are able to rebuild. Our long-term vision is for this sculpture to be at the center of a public plaza built in Downtown Longfellow.


Pangea Artists Envision

After the George Floyd Uprising, Pangea resourced our staff to create work on Lake Street that documented this moment in history and responded to the current situation. It was imperative to generate artistic material that fostered healing for our partners and community. This work became the series Another World is Possible: Pangea Artists Envision.

Another World Is Possible: Pangea Artists Envision included…

Open Water By Suzanne Victoria Cross

This ten-minute play addresses the covert acts of racism that are concealed in the fabric of society. June 19, 2020, Pangea produced a staged reading on Zoom of Open Water, followed by an artistic response by Marcela Michelle, and a discussion on racism and its effect on the body.

Mothers Respond: Songs and Poetry for George Floyd

Curated by Adlyn Carreras

This was an evening of drumming, song, and poetry in Powderhorn Park, honoring the memory of George Floyd.

The Burning Truth Project

By Katia Cardenas, Sarah M. Greer, and Andrina Brogden

This devised cabaret piece served as a platform for processing collective grief and sharing lived experiences of race. Watch the film here!

Rising from Concrete

Curated by Jenny Zander, Gayatri Narayanan, and Key Rose

This was a multidisciplinary exploration of what it means to rebuild, redistribute and ultimately grow amid societal unrest through music, dance, and visual art.

Sobre Los Muertos Las Coronas

Curated by Keila Anali Saucedo

This event was Pangea’s third annual celebration of Día de los Muertos led by Keila Anali Saucedo. Following COVID-19 safety protocols, we had an art gallery altar inside the local art van A Community Arts Band Wagon. This event eatured work from Eric Gonzalez, Kieran Myles-Andrès Tverbakk, C. Michael, Noah Lawrence-Holder, and more.

Another World is Possible Zine

Curated and assembled by Emily Meenan

This was a zine and online sharing of poetry and visual art from Black Twin Cities artists. You can flip through the digital version here, or watch the online sharing!


Four More Days!

There are just four more days left in our #25DaysFor25Years celebration and fundraiser. That means now is the time to get your donations in and bid on our exciting array auction items!

Click here to place your bid on things like ceramic glasses, single malt scotch, or a private dinner at our Co-Artistic Directors’ home!

When you support Pangea, you support our commitment to healing our neighborhood.


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