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Centering Indigeneity

Week 1: Remembering Our Past(s)

The Indigenous Voices Series was created in 2001 to highlight the diverse, contemporary work of indigenous theater and performance artists. Indigenous Voices continues to bring local, national, and international Indigenous artists to audiences in the Twin Cities. Over the years, Pangea has produced dozens of inspirational performances from around the country.

These are just a few examples of the Indigenous work that has been highlighted over the years at Pangea as a part of our Indigenous Voices series. This work is part of our core here at Pangea and we couldn’t celebrate our 25th season without acknowledging the Indigenous land we are on and the Indigenous artists we are so honored

to work with.

As we celebrate this month, we will have a completely online silent auction full of amazing items from our community- stay tuned for more details soon!

Thank you for being a part of Pangea’s circle and for working, living, and creating here with us for the past 25 years. Come back tomorrow as we continue to dive into our history and take a look at Conference of the Birds, our production from 2016.


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