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Global Future Summit

Week 3: Re-Imagining Our Future(s)

Our future is in peril as we experience multiple intersecting crises: rampant inequality, discrimination, war and environmental destruction.

For years, the Pangea World Theater team has dreamed of creating an international multigenerational summit to build a vision of the future based on equity, justice, solidarity, creativity and joy. For this program to be a success, we need young peoples’ voices and visions to be central to the design and to the implementation process. Together we will share stories, skills, tactics with the goal of generating creative solutions, collaborations and networks.

We aspire to envision and embody new models for a sustainable and equitable world.

This program’s purpose will be to work with groups of young people around the world to demonstrate their collaborative efforts to use their voices for what the summit will be grounded on.

The best form of learning is through experience and exchange of ideas. This summit will grant a learning process for both the youth, elders and our team of artists to generate new understanding and methods to create change. We will come together this upcoming Fall of 2021, where we hope to share art and conversations and to hold a space for young people to shape and create the official Global Future Summit.

Ismail Khalidi, Katia Cardenas, and Sir Curtis Kirby III– our Global Future Summit planning team!

This is a part of our education program that is always expanding and changing to fit the needs that we see in our community. Just in this past year, we have started a series of panels discussing the ways we can reimagine education, had many new interns join our team (even virtually!), and have made these dreams of the Global Future Summit even closer to becoming reality. Here is a video of Katia Cardenas, our Education Coordinator, and Dipankar Mukherjee, our Co-Artistic Director, discussing some more elements of the education program.


Get Your Bids In!

Our silent auction is underway now and there is such a wide variety of items from our generous community members. You can bid on handmade ceramic bowls, hand beaded necklaces, cribbage boards, and so much more.


Double Your Impact!

Every single donation made to Pangea by tomorrow, 6/26, will be matched by a generous matching fund from our board of directors. This is an opportunity to make your contribution go even further!


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