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McKnight Names Dipankar Mukherjee the 2023 Distinguished Artist

Photo by Jenny Zander

The McKnight Foundation today announced the selection of Dipankar Mukherjee as its 2023 Distinguished Artist, an award given annually to a Minnesota artist or culture bearer who has made significant contributions to the state’s cultural life. 


“We are delighted to celebrate Dipankar, whose powerful vision has contributed to the cultural soul of Minnesota for more than 30 years. He is a person who walks his talk and whose remarkable art and deep humanity have been a source of healing and inspiration for our state.”  — Tonya Allen, president of McKnight Foundation

Mukherjee was selected by a panel of community members with broad perspectives and knowledge about the region’s diverse arts and cultural landscape. The panel included Marcus Young, theater artist and educator; Michele Anderson, rural director for Springboard for the Arts; Lana Barkawi, executive director of Mizna; and Daniel Bergin, filmmaker and senior producer and partnership manager for Twin Cities Public Television. Carlton Turner, lead artist and co-director of Sipp Culture, participated in the panel but recused himself from any discussions or voting regarding Dipankar, due to his personal and professional connections with the artist. 


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