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Unveiling the New Mission Statement

Week 3: Re-Imagining Our Future(s)

After over a year of processing, we are excited to share our new Mission Statement with you!

Pangea World Theater strives to build a just world by creating multi-disciplinary theater that embodies decolonizing practices of solidarity, sustainability and equity.

As we move forward as an organization, it is crucial to re-examine our principles, goals, and ways of being and working together.

This mission statement was informed by conversations with our Board and Staff, facilitated by our dear friend Kiyoko McCrae, where we asked what Pangea meant to each person, and what they love about our work. These conversations were deeply meaningful and illuminating, with each person adding their own layer of depth to Pangea’s purpose.

After processing these conversations, we were able to distill what each person shared into this clear, powerful statement, which shall guide us as we move forward. We believe this language brings us closer to expressing the spirit of the work we do than we have ever been.

It is an honor to share this mission with you.


Last Day to Double Your Impact!

Our generous matching fund ends tonight at midnight, so today is the final day to double the impact of any contribution made to Pangea.

Supporting us during our #25DaysFor25Years campaign makes it possible for us to carry out this new mission and to continue these decolonizing practices here in our community.


Get Your Bids In!

There is still time to bid on fantastic items donated by our community members, like this Soothing Anti-Inflammation Kalm Kare Gift Box from Kalm Korner by Kehinde Koyejo.

“Pangea World Theater was one of the most profound experiences of my life. As an artist, I’m always seeking opportunities to go deeper in my craft and expand as a human being. Pangea provided a safe space for me and other artists to share our creative processes and together explore ways we can decolonize ourselves and theater. Pangea cracked me wide open and I was able to see myself and my value clearly and I’ve been on a mission to decolonize ever since.” Kehinde Koyejo


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