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Seamus Wakefield


Associate Communications and Social Media Coordinator

Seamus Wakefield is a 2022 UMN graduate with a degree in Global Studies, with a regional focus on Europe and thematical focused on Human Rights and Justice. Was it his original choice? No. Did he have any idea what he was getting into? Also no, but so far it’s been one of the best choices he’s made so far. Besides getting a cat, of course. In his mind, Seamus grew up without giving much thought about his career; But he knew that, given the choice, he wanted to help people share their stories with the collective, because those stories are better than any fairytale. Realistically, he figured he’d end up working for some company that would overwork him to the point of resentment for minimum wage, as was the image painted by the 2008 recession. So working at Pangea World Theater, with all of these brilliant minds of this century, to help others share their stories? It’s practically a dream come true. Not only does he get to dedicate himself, every day, to making the world a better place for all to live in, but he still has time to make wonderful memories with his fellow ensemble members, family, and friends. That, to him, is more precious than any gem or metal. When he’s not living the dream with the ensemble, he’s most likely making truffles and chocolates at his other job, or trying to win the affections of his new foster dog (who prefers the company of his father). While he may not know what is ahead of him, for once in his life he can walk proudly into that future knowing that there are good people out there. And where there are good people, like those here at Pangea, there is always hope for a good future.

Seamus Wakefield
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