Honoring our circle of many realities



Honoring the sacred intersection between oneness & difference

Pangea World Theater is a progressive space for transformation in  which conversations about race, gender, ethnicity, human rights, politics
and social justice form an important backbone for our work. We collaborate with award winning international artists and companies to create plays and performances that speak across geography and culture.  



We are excited to launch our 20th year of work with the numerous vibrant communities of the Twin Cities. 


Little Boy
September 19 - October 5 | Pillsbury House Theater

Meet Little Boy! the world’s first talking atom bomb, a reluctant creation, contemplates his impact. Brought to life by Masanari Kawahara, who was born and raised in Hiroshima. Little Boy is a part of Pangea World Theater’s Alternate Visions, which deconstructs boundaries between artists and audiences during the artistic development process.



November 13-23 | Intermedia Arts

In a dystopian future where Indigenous people have been confined to prison camps and “Failure to Reconcile” is a federal crime, one woman with nothing left to lose fights for her life in this compelling drama. Are redemption and reconciliation possible in the face of the unforgivable?



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Pangea illuminates the human condition, celebrates cultural differences, and promotes human rights by creating and presenting international, multi-disciplinary theater.

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