Honoring our circle of many realities

Honoring the sacred intersection between oneness & difference

Pangea World Theater is a progressive space for transformation in  which conversations about race, gender, ethnicity, human rights, politics
and social justice form an important backbone for our work. We collaborate with award winning international artists and companies to create plays and performances that speak across geography and culture.  



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Race, History and the Body

April 9 | Pangea World Theater
The body has been both metaphor and literal site of contestation: the gazed upon, exhibited, racialized, gendered other. How do writers make social acts of resistance, mapping the histories of our bodies? Aimee Suzara, Heid E. Erdrich and Matthew Shenoda will read from their latest work, as ceremonial archaeologists digging the bones of our histories, returning them to sacred.

Sabra Falling

April 15 | Pangea World Theater
A reading of a play by Ismail Khalidi. Ismail Khalidi’s parents lived through the brunt of the civil war in Beirut in the 1970s and early '80s and gave birth to three children amidst the unspeakable bloodshed of that conflict and the Israeli invasion of 1982. Khalidi and his family fled to the United States in 1983, never to return. His play, Sabra Falling, is an ode to his parents and to the politics, the humor, the tragedy and the importance of that historical moment.




Upcoming Events

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Pangea illuminates the human condition, celebrates cultural differences, and promotes human rights by creating and presenting international, multi-disciplinary theater.

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