Story Circles- Ancient-Future-Now Archives

Space for stories to be told, to be gathered together and held with respect and care is at the center of this project. Our stories, with all their grief and joy, contradictions and complexity are vital for sustaining us through such tender and dangerous times. The fullness of our humanity must  be present as we rebuild both the physical infrastructure of Lake Street and the cultural, spiritual and societal infrastructure of our streets, our blocks, our cities, our country, our home that is the whole, wide world. 

Story Circles will be held in a variety of ways from zoom, to in person (with Covid safe protocols as needed) and public pop-up Story Circles on Lake Street from May until July 30, 2021. This work builds from The Story Circles Project we did 2019-2020. 

(More about that project here.)

All Story Circles will be audio recorded (with verbal or written permission from each participant)  Recordings will be transcribed and excerpts from the stories will be edited to form an archive of this time. Pangea acknowledges that we can not gather every story that deserves to be told but we are committed to lifting up as many stories as we can.  The final archive will be designed into a book that will include images, stories, poems and illustrations. This archive will be available as a free PDF on Pangea’s website and will also be printed as a book.  A free copy of the printed book will be available to all who take part.  This archive of stories will also be sent to organizers, elected officials and organizations to keep real people and their sacred stories present in the minds of people making decisions especially as social movements are pushing them to make different decisions going forward. 

The stories gathered will also be woven throughout the performance Life Born of Fire that will be created by Pangea. The founders and artistic directors of Pangea will lead an ensemble in creating this new work. Dipankar Mukherjee will direct and Meena Natajan will dramaturg.  The performance will happen in early fall and will include text, music, song, movement and large scale projections.

(More about the performance HERE)