Life Born of Fire 


Coming August 5, 2022

Life Born of Fire is an ensemble devised performance ritual

with music, dance, songs, poems and stories woven from  

two years of Story Circles. 





Life Born of Fire is what rises from the ashes. 

What beauty and life demands, insists to bloom forth. 

What raw, real gifts are we carrying from ancestors-

towards descendants and for ourselves,

our weary, lovely hearts. 


Life Born of Fire is an invitation to be together to hold

the grief and the healing, the breaking and mending.

The Ensemble--

Ananya Chatterjea

Darren Johnson

Lisa Marie Brimmer

Suzanne Victoria Cross

Sharon M. Day

Johanna Keller Flores

Ayanna Muata

Cam Muata

Walken Schweigert

Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe

Dramaturg - Meena Natarajan

Direction- Dipankar Mukherjee