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Golden Steel Plate

  Life Born of Fire 
      August 2023 & August 2024

Photos by Bruce Silcox 
& Bob Alberti

Life Born of Fire an ensemble created ritual performance for these tender & dangerous times...

with music, dance, songs, poems, film and stories woven from two years of Story Circles. 


There are two different performances both named Life Born of Fire

The First was performed outside at MoonPalace Books, Minneapolis  Mn

August 5 & 6, 2022  

Created and Performed by

* Rebecca Nichloson * Sandra Agustin * Lisa Marie Brimmer * Suzanne Victoria Cross *

* Sharon M. Day *  Sir Curtis Kirby III * Johanna Keller Flores * Ayanna Muata * Cam Muata *

* Walken Schweigert * Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe 





The second version was performed at The Southern Theater, Minneapolis MN

August 25 & 26, 2023 

Created and Performed by

* Darren Johnson * Sandra Agustin * Lisa Marie Brimmer * Suzanne Victoria Cross * 

*  Sir Curtis Kirby III * Johanna Keller Flores * * Walken Schweigert * Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe * 

* Angelica Bello Ayapantecatl * Nathan Allan Berglund * Jennifer Elizabeth Cortez *




Life Born of Fire is what rises from the ashes. 

What beauty and life demands, insists to bloom forth. 

What raw, real gifts are we carrying from ancestors-

towards descendants and for ourselves,

our weary bodies, our lovely hearts. 


Life Born of Fire is an invitation to be together to hold

the grief and the healing, the breaking and mending.

Conceived and curated by Meena Natarajan & Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe  *  Directed by Dipankar Mukherjee


Ceramic Works by Sayge Carroll

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