Life Born of Fire 

Life Born of Fire will be a site specific, outdoor, devised ensemble performance. Drawing on the story circles and other connections through Lake Street Arts!-Circling Life Born of Fire will tell community stories of the Uprising, the aftermath and the rebuilding, it will also tell stories from the future and the past, giving space for new visions, playing with time and connecting stories together. This performance will include large-scale spectacle, as well as intimate scenes, poetry, song and text.


This piece will come at a critical time when communities along Lake Street can safely gather together outside and share in a collective breath, a space for mourning, remembering and dreaming. 


Life Born of Fire will be created by the cohort of artists, Pangea’s ensemble and musicians. Meena Natarjan will dramturg and Dipankar Mukherjee will direct the piece. October 2nd and 3rd, 2021. Two performances. Outside space next to Moon Palace Books 3230 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis. More Info Soon!