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Local Water Walk

Water Walk will happen Fall 2023 
Check back for date.

Image of Nibi Walkers from Nibi Walk Site

The Nibi (Water) Walks are Indigenous-led, extended ceremonies to pray for the water.

Every step is taken in prayer and gratitude for water, our life giving force.

We walk for the water, and as we heal the water we heal all of life.

We are not a protest. We are a prayer for the water.

Local Water Walk.  The Minneapolis stretch of Lake Street touches both ends with a major body of water.  The successful movement led by Indigenous community members to change the name of the lake from Calhoun to Bde Maka Ska speaks to how honest histories are important for our communities health. 


Sharon M. Day is an Ojibwe elder and has led 19 Water Walks through the country. She will lead this one day, local water walk between Bde Maka Ska to the banks of the Mississippi. Participants will take part in carrying water by foot along the entire 5 miles of Lake Street through the heart of Minneapolis.  The water walk will have several stops along the way with snacks, poetry, songs and stories. 

More about Water Walks Here.

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