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Pangea’s Lake Street Arts! Values and Working Agreements

The following values and agreements have emerged over years of artistic, community-based work by Pangea World Theater. They are meant to guide our complex and adaptive systems, decolonize our worlds, and allow us to develop creative, relevant work together. We invite All of Our Relations, co-conspirators, and allies collaborating with LSA! to join us.


1. We strive for artistic and creative excellence in our articulation of craft, life, and work.

2. We engage multiple aesthetics and mediums. Multiplicity is a source of power and process. We work with awareness of space: energetic, physical, and political. We do this with consciousness of Water, of Earth.


3. We honor the Circle. We aim to be authentic, responsible, and professional. We strive to be clear, flexible, culturally bold and accessible. We are flexible with emergent rules. Our plans come from, and feed conscious and pervasive evaluation.


4. Our practices in community engagement include engaging the whole body, mind, and spirit. We value personal interaction over technology.


5. We value collective wisdom through popular education and ensemble practice. We center Story within a global and multicultural context.


6. We commit to transformation at the individual and community level. The Arts are a most accessible community engagement strategy towards authentic, urban development.


7. Community Organizing involves capacity building. We value leadership in participating Immigrant, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. We function on shared power principles. In regards to working with collaborators, we are committed to naming and battling oppressions, and creating equitable partnerships.

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