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LSA! Slow Roll 
At Open Streets: East Lake 

We participated in East Lake Open Streets on Sunday July 24th from 11am until 5pm and it was a great success. We  held space at Plaza Centenario in coalition with Latin@s Unidos por la Cultura y Arte (LUCA). At the Plaza, we hosted a full day of programming including an open mic, a “slow roll” covering .34miles, traditional Mexican dance performances, and live music with Alma Andina. It was not without the help of our supportive staff, cheerful volunteers, and the teamwork of our entire coalition. Lake Street Arts! led a “Slow Roll” from the Plaza, 12th ave and East Lake Street, to the intersection of Lake and Hiawatha. On the way we stopped at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater, the Somali Museum of Minnesota, a mural that was created overnight as a reaction to recent and local police brutality,  and Corcoran Neighborhood Organization’s breakdancing competition. It was a great way to recognize the diversity of Lake street and the work that we have ahead of us to keep a safe, thriving place for our communities. Lake Street Arts! and Pangea World Theater were thrilled to be apart of Open Streets and to envision a Minneapolis as a city made by and for people.

Written by Keila Anali Saucedo

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