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Zines: A Crash Course

Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Soo Visual Arts Center, 2909 Bryant Ave S #101, Minneapolis, MN
SooVAC's space is designed for accessibility, and is ADA compliant.

Co-hosted by Patrick's Cabaret, Soo Visual Arts Center and Pangea World Theater


What’s a zine? Learn about this popular format of self-published, easily reproduced, self-expression and how it can benefit your artistic practice, both personally and publicly. Your voice matters, and zines are a powerful way to communicate the ideas you’re passionate about, no permission needed. Discover bookmaking techniques and discuss ways to incorporate zines into your next exhibition or event. Get ready to make, print, and share!


This workshop is the final of five that will be held throughout November and December, 2017. The series is a collaboration between Patrick's Cabaret, Soo Visual Arts Center, and Pangea World Theater. This program is intended to create collaborative space for artists to share their skills with fellow artists and organizers, to strengthen relationships and build resilience, and to provide opportunities for artists to put their knowledges to work.

Please register in advance, as space is limited. We ask a $5-10 sliding scale, but have full subsidies available if you need. Snacks and other refreshments will be available.

This workshop is designed and led by Alanna Stapleton and Zoe CinelAlanna is an illustrator and embroidery artist. Her work explores personal narratives and the role of women in society through the subversion of traditionally feminine craft, narrative storytelling, and a little bit of humor. She specializes in illustrative hand embroidery, often focusing on on themes of memory, documentation, nostalgia, and everyday occurrences. Zoe  is a video maker, multimedia artist, and curator from Florence, Italy. With her work, she explores performative aspects and vulnerability in Virtual Reality experiences in public spaces. As an immigrant, she is also interested in representing communication issues and cultural shock. Her goal is to build a sense of belonging and community through art and social engagement. Both Alanna and Zoe are currently pursuing their Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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