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The Work Continues!

Since the onset of COVID-19, Pangea has moved forward with the safety of our most vulnerable community members at the center of how we plan and execute our work. That is why this year, all of our programming has taken place outdoors and online — and we have been busy! As the weather permitted, we were able to produce nine outdoor events for our community, including Missouri River Water Walk by Sharon Day, The Transition Stage Community Events, and more.

As we shift into colder weather, we must inform you that we will not be doing any indoor performances. With rising case numbers and the surge of the Delta variant, the most socially responsible decision we can make is to not hold indoor events. Having witnessed Indigenous communities, communities of color, elders, and people with disabilities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, we here at Pangea World Theater are committed to employing an abundance of caution and doing all that we can to keep you — our beloved community — and our artists safe.

This does not mean that our work is done! We still have many exciting events in store for you in the upcoming months, including our next iteration of Pangea Artists Envision.

Pangea Artists Envision

Last year, after the Uprising that followed the murder of Mr. George Floyd, we launched the series Pangea Artists Envision to promote healing from the trauma of those events, and help our communities process and move forward.

So much has changed in the last year, and yet we continue to grapple with so many of the same issues that brought our community out into the streets to protest in 2020.

That is why this year, we are relaunching this series, and we are empowering our staff and interns to curate an artistic project to respond to the world today.

All of this is possible thanks to you!

Despite there having been no ticket sales this entire year, it is through the generosity of our donors that our work is feasible and we are able to continuously support our staff. Your donations in the past 18 months have made a huge impact as we navigate the global pandemic.

This Give to the Max Day, we invite you again to show your support by making a donation towards this work. Your gift to Pangea is an investment in changing our community for the better, through art.

Together, another world is possible.


Photo Credit: Bruce Silcox, Jenny Zander


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